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SSD Upgrade Service

Turbo charge your laptop or computer with an SSD

The single largest performance improvement available!

SSD fitting and upgrade service in Perth

SSD Benefits

System Performance
SSD’s are typically 90 times faster than conventional hard drives. Adding an SSD is probably one of biggest single improvements to can make to any laptop or desktop top.

Start Up Speed 
A typical SSD starts up in about 15 seconds where as a typical hard drive can take well over a minute.

No Moving Parts
SSDs use less battery, allows the laptop to be moved while on, less noise. If you use your laptop on the move then an SSD is a must.

The whole laptop runs significantly cooler as there are no moving parts in an SSD

Battery Life
Not having to spin the storage drive up to 7,200 RPM means a considerable extension to the running time of a laptop on battery power.

SSDs have been dropped from multi-storey buildings and even strapped to rockets to prove that SSD’s are as close to indestructible as storage drives can get but they are NOT water proof!

End of Life Data Integrity
When a hard drive reaches the end of its life, in the majority of cases the data is lost (hopefully its backed up). However when an SSD reaches the end of its life, it does not crash, it just stops any more data being written to it bat all the information stored is FULLY accessible!

3 Year Warranty
The SSD units that we use come with a 3 year limited warranty as provided by the manufacturer, details of which can be found here

Terms and Conditions of the SSD Upgrade Offer:

  • No other offer can be used in conjunction with this offer
  • Data transfer is an optional extra
  • The extended warranty after the 12 months statutory is with the manufacture
  • The offer is subject to stock availability
  • Price may change without notice
  • Offer is subject to system compatibility