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Computer Health Check Service

Computer Health Check Services in Perth, Scotland

Computer running slow?  Plagued by Pop-ups?

Computer Health Check service in PerthIf like the vast majority of users, you use your machine everyday and rely on Windows to keep itself correct, then your machine would really benefit from a PC Solutions Health Check.

If your computer is running slow, taking ages to boot up or acting oddly, then it’s time for a Computer Health Check.

Our PC Health Check covers the following:
1. De fragmentation of your main hard drive
2. Virus scan & removal
3. Spyware scan & removal
4. Hygiene service of internal components (dust & foreign body removal)
5. All Windows, core software and drivers fully updated
6. Removal of any junk-ware
7. Assessment of your computing needs for up to 6 months
8. Jetting of all of the cooling system components
9. Full physical/sterilisation cleaning of the computer including the screen

This service is for operational machines running Vista/ Windows 7/Windows 8, 8.1 & Windows 10

If your machine will not boot, then please bring your machine in for a free estimate. Once the machine is booting, then we can proceed with the PC Health Check.

Our target turnaround time for the Computer Health Check Service is 72 working hours but this is entirely dependent on what faults we find, but we will always do our very best to meet this target.

While we promise to take very good care of your machine, it is prudent to protect your valuable data on a daily basis. If you are not sure how to do this, or would like us to backup all of your data for you, please Contact Us for an informal and free chat about your worries and how we can help you and your machine get the best out of each other.