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Computer and Laptop Repairs

Our range of computer repair & upgrade services includes upgrades (memory, hard disk, motherboards, graphic cards, processors etc data recovery (circumstances dependant), laptop screen replacement, laptop keyboard replacement, optical drive fitting & replacement to name but a few.

All of our repairs are guaranteed for 3 months and we take great care to protect your data during the repair process. The vast majority of our repairs are carried out in our laptop & computer workshop in Perth but for some of the more specialist repairs, we do, circumstances dependent, use long term repair partners.

Laptop Power Port Repair / Replacement

Laptop power problems are usually caused by a faulty/moving DC jack. This fault will prevent your laptop from charging or powering up.

Common Symptoms are:

  • Your laptop will not charge
  • Laptop Power Port Repairs in PerthMovable DC Jack
  • Power Connector/Port
  • Power Port pushed in
  • Intermittent Charging
  • Screen Dims and brightens
  • When power supply moved laptop dies
  • The charging light does not illuminate.
  • A burning smell coming from the DC Jack and you would be surprised how often this happens!
  • No Power at all

Laptop Screen Replacement

laptop screen replacement service in perthOne of the most expensive laptop repairs is laptop screen replacement and it is more common that you would think. picture of cracked laptop screen.

The most common causes is when a laptop has been dropped, stood on or a pen/pencil is left on the keyboard and the lid closed. If the laptop screen looks like crazy paving, then the screen is damaged beyond repair and will have to be replaced.

Laptop Screen Repairs including Mac Books

Laptop display problems can be caused by a faulty screen or VGA chip on the motherboard 80% of the time its a fault with the laptop's on-board Graphics Card which is caused by heat over time.

Claptop being repaired by PC Solutions Perth Ltdommon Symptoms are:

  • Multi Colours
  • Multi unknown alphanumeric characters
  • Blank Screen
  • White Screen
  • Flickering Screen
  • Lines on Screen
  • VGA Chip Power Light but no display on the screen

Computer Repairs at Component Level

All of the laptop repairs are carried out in our computer repair workshop which is located in Perth.

Some times when a component has failed on a laptop mother board, in order to effect the repair, the whole laptop has to stripped down to access the fault