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New CPS Email Scam

email scam virus removal

Our spam filters have detected a new email based scam that is being broadcast at an alarming rate. The email claims to be from the Crown Prosecution Service based in London.

New CPS Email Scam

The CPS logo and colour scheme are true to the originals and unusually, the language and grammar are correct.  

However the fact that the scammer uses the term 'subpoena', which is purely a USA term, is part of the clue that its scam. Plus the sending email address is shown as "" 

Increasingly, scammers are using very sophisticated psychology to cause trigger reactions from victims to click and open the embedded link which leads to a virus infection.

To protect your computer, make sure that you have:

  1. An effective spam filter usually provided by your email host
  2. A good internet security solution installed on your computer
  3. A sceptical attitude towards emails from unknown sources

If you do have the misfortune to click on one of the links, the best thing to do is to shut your computer down and get it check by a computer professional.

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