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How To Use A Pen Drive Safely

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Pen Drives Are Fragile Creatures

The price of a pen drive has dropped significantly over the last 12 months but alas so has the build quality.

As manufactures look to hit lower and lower price points for the mass produced devices, they have cut the quality of just about every component in a pen drive.

This means that pen drives are much less robust than they used to be.

The Anatomy Of A Pen Drive 

inside of a pen or thumb memory drive or stick

NAND Flash Chip In A Pen Drive

The data is stored on the black rectangle which is a NAND flash chip that can be seen in the centre of the printed circuit board. So your data is only protected by a very thin plastic shell from physical harm.

NAND flach chip inside a pen drive

Pen Drive Storage

Pen drives really do not like static electricity and are physically very fragile so be careful where you store your pen drive.  In a handbag beside your mobile phone, car keys etc  is not a good idea, not to mention trouser or jeans pockets although we have had a couple of pen drives survive a full wash cycle!

Data Recovery From Pen Drives

Increasingly, our laptop repair centre is being called upon to recover data from broken pen drives which, thanks to Scott's technical skills, we can do for the majority of cases.

Pen Drives As A Backup Medium - Are You Nuts?

Pen drives should not be used to store valuable data and most certainly not used as a backup medium. For backup we always recommend an off site cloud backup service

Pen drives are handy for temporary storage only or for moving data from device to device and NEVER as the only copy of your precious files.

Pen Drive Use In A Business

As a business you must be mindful of what data you are putting onto a pen drive. Note that I do not use the term 'store'. If the data is your accounts or other financial data, HR, payroll, client information or other confidential data then make sure that the drive is encrypted. Remember that data theft by an employee is a real risk.

As part of our Managed IT Service, we not only provide a secure encrypted data backup service that is monitored daily but we can set up encryption on desktops, laptops, individual hard drives and of course pen drives.


Please use your pen drive responsibly, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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