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How to Increase Business Productivity By 6x

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It’s Simple: Switch From Hard Drives To SSDs

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How much more productive could your business be if everyone on your team was able to work faster?

While it’s widely known that SSDs (solid state drives) are significantly faster than hard drives, it’s been difficult to quantify the net impact on organisational productivity – until now.

New research suggests that on average SSDs are able to perform everyday business tasks 6x faster than traditional hard drives. Since most workers perform some combination of the  tasks below, SSDs can help enhance productivity for businesses of all sizes.

How much faster are SSDs compared to hard drives?*

  • Start computer – 2x faster
  • Duplicate a 1GB file – 5x faster
  • Load Google Chrome® – 7x faster
  • Load Microsoft® Office® apps – 8x faster


Multiply Individual and Organisational Productivity

SSDs can transform the pace of business. On an individual level the speed of an SSD means you are not waiting around for your computer to load. When you can do more, you can serve more customers, ship more orders, crunch more data, and finish digital tasks faster.

SSDs work well in desktops but are also particularly effective in laptops.  As SSDs use less power (because it has no moving parts) battery life is prolonged and there is less noise due to the reduction in load on the fan.  Another advantage of an SSD in a laptop is there is less likely hood of failure due to the laptop being moved about while still on.  This is due to an SSD having no moving parts compared to a traditional hard drive. 

How to Move To An SSD

Depending on the state of your existing hard drive, we might be be able to clone your current hard drive directly onto an SSD.

This means that your Windows installation, files, installed software will be exactly the same but running significantly faster.

The down side of a clone means that is you have unwanted or junk software installed, this would be faithfully carried over onto the SSD so you might want to consider a fresh Windows build and then a selective data transfer.

The down side of a fresh Windows build, might be that you have to re-install all of your applications such as Microsoft Office, Sage or other specialist software so make sure that you have all of the appropriate software installation media and licence keys before you start.

As part of our Business IT Support Service in Perth, we offer this service to clients with the aim of getting the SSD upgrade completed with 8 working hours to minimise your down time.


Using an SSD will give you significant performance gains and once you have used and SSD, you'll never go back to a traditional SATA drive and that's  a promise!

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