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A Very Sweet Gaming Rig Build

custom desktop gaming PC

Craig helped build this rather tasty gaming computer as part of a Supervised Computer Build with a young lad.

Corsair Carbide 540 Case

The young lad built the machine under Craig's watchful eye and learned a lot from his hands-on experience.

One of the things that sets a good custom build from a bad custom build is the attention to detail and the cable management.

inside view of a custom gaming pc using a corsair carbide 540 caseinside view of a custom gaming PC featuring a CPU water cooling loop in Perth, Scotland

 The specifications of this gaming computer:


 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3

 240GB SSD (Corsair Neutron)

1TB Western Digital Caviar Black

MSI Geforce GTX 980

MSI Z97 Gaming v5 motherboard

Corsair CX500 PSU

Corsair Carbide 540 case

Corsair Hydro 55 watercooler



MSI Geforce GTX 980 in a Corsair Carbide 540 case


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