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Massive Microsoft Patch Tuesday 12th Jan 2016

Yesterday, Microsoft released a massive set of updates that will have an impact on all operating systems except XP (if you are still using XP then you really really need to update)

For most users, the Windows updates will be download and applied automatically but we recommend that you double check via Windows Update that your machine is actually up to date.

The main points about this massive set of updates is that Windows 8.0 has been retired and will not get any more security updates.

The current version of Internet Explorer (11) is the only Microsoft browser that will continue to get updates.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 logo


If you’re a Windows 7 user with automatic updates enabled then you should have IE11 already. To check which version you’re running, open Internet Explorer click the Settings cog in the upper right corner, and select About Internet Explorer. A pop-up  will appear with all the details you need.

Windows Vista, will continue to get support for Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft is ending support for Vista in April 2017, which means the OS will cease receiving security updates all together—just like Windows 8 and XP. 



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