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Its one Dell of a problem for Dell Customers.

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If you use Dell desktops or laptops, then you should be aware of some potentially serious security issues.

At the start of week, it was announced that one of the key certificates installed on Dell systems introduced a security flaw that could be exploited by malicious code.

The certificate (eDellRoot), which was installed by Dell Foundation Services application on Dell PCs (desktops and laptops, unintentionally introduced a security vulnerability.

Removal instructions to permanently remove the certificate from your Dell system can be found  here or we can do this for you.

The second security problem has been caused by the Dell System Detect Tool which is most commonly used to detect Dell driver updates for dell laptops and desktops. If you have ever used the Dell web site to check for drivers and Dell suggested updates, then your system has this problem.

Dell Security Issues via Dell System detect Tool and Certificates

At this time, Dell have not responded to this latest issue so your only real choice is to have a fresh Windows build put onto the desktop or laptop

You can still use the Dell website to install drivers, just look for the Dell Service Tag on your system and type it in to the Dell site manually.  The Service Tag or Express Service Code are the same thing.


Do not use the Dell System Detect Tool.


Neither of these problems are a risk in their own right, BUT they do cause a potential breech in your security that COULD be exploited by malicious code

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