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We've Made The Scottish Business Pledge!

Business IT Support Services Perth City Centre

Yesterday Monday, November 16,  Councillor John Kellas, Convener of Perth & Kinross Council’s Enterprise & Infrastructure Committee visited PC Solutions to congratulate them on being the first IT support Services Company in Perthshire to make the Scottish Business Pledge.

PC Solutions making The Scottish Business Pledge with Cllr John Kellas from Perth and Kinross Council

 The pledge is made up of nine action points that each business who signs up to the pledge must work towards moving forward.  The first commitment any business taking the pledge must make is to pay their employees the living wage.

 Councillor John Kellas, Convener of the Council’s Enterprise & Infrastructure Committee, said: “I want to congratulate PC Solutions for becoming the first IT support services company in the Perthshire area to make the Scottish Business Pledge.  The pledge is a voluntary commitment made by companies to commit to fair work practices and to take a positive approach towards its workforce.  One of the key commitments a business must make to take the pledge is to pay their staff the living wage which is an important tool for reducing poverty.  By making this pledge, PC Solutions has proven its merit as a fair employer who values its employees and I commend them for this. Hopefully their good attitude will inspire other businesses who have not yet made the pledge in Perth and Kinross to seriously consider signing up.” 


More information about the Scottish Business Pledge can be found here

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