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Too Hot To Handle?

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If your laptop feels too warm or keeps getting hot, you need to get it checked out to prevent this.

over heated laptop

As business owner/operator you have a duty of care to make sure that your employees are operating the equipment your supply correctly and this includes computing devices such as laptops.

 The best practice is to run a laptop on a hard surface making sure that the hot air has a clear escape route. Laptop cooling stands are very simple and not only help with the passive cooling of the laptop but they also reduce the possibility of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and will help the user maintain the correct posture.

As part of your IT preventative maintenance schedule, all of your laptops & desktops  should be given an annual health check. You could perhaps do this at the same time as the PAT (Portable appliance) test.

This check should also include carefully jetting with compressed air,the cooling fans, vents and intakes. Never take a vacuum near your laptop or desktop as the rotating brushes could generate enough static electricity to destroy the data on your device.   

Our Managed IT Service for business includes the jetting and checking of all the cooling mechanisms for laptops and desktops. On a bi-annual basis we re-do the thermal paste between the CPU and the cooling system just to make sure that the cooling of the laptop is as efficient as possible.

A laptop or desktop that is over heating may cause other issues such as lost employee productivity (through machine crashes), excessive fan noise and additional energy consumption.

So treat your laptops and computers with respect and they should reward you with years of trouble free use.

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