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Technology Is A Good Thing

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As a technologist, I am fascinated by the way other businesses make use of today's technology.

I learned to drive long before all the modern portable computing technology was even thought of.

It was amazing to learn  just how much technology, and indeed, the variety of technology that is used by Jim Fernie of Kinnoull Driving School in Perth to improve the learning experience of his pupils.

Not only does Jim use technology for communication with his pupils but he has taken some cutting edge technology and is using it to great effect.

Not only can he share and replay dash cam footage with the student almost instantly (but only went it is safe to do so) but he can then use is to show the parents or carers the pupil’s progress.

Dash cams are becoming more main stream now that insurance companies are more willing to take video footage into consideration in the unfortunate event of a claim.

Jim's use of technology helps all ages, not just the digital generation, to improve their driving skills.

As technology is evolving ever faster, perhaps other businesses should follow Jim's example and evaluate their use of technology to enhance their business. 

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