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Windows 10 Impact for Businesses.

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Windows 10 Impact for Businesses.

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On Wednesday 29th July 2015, Windows 10 will be unleashed on the World.

It’s a free ‘upgrade’ for all valid, genuine versions of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and Windows 8.1

Vista users have effectively been abandoned and if you are still running XP, then you really need to get a new machine.

Purely from a time perspective, the impact of Windows 10 on a business is huge!  This is a 3GB download per machine and as a result will impact on your business’s internet connectivity speeds.

It could take more than an hour, depending on the specification of the machine, for the conversion process to run and that’s assuming everything runs perfectly and without a hitch.

As a business user, you need to consider the potential impact this will have on your employees, your business process and your productivity.

Microsoft’s advice is to give the Windows 10 conversion process exclusive use.  Your employee will NOT be able to use their computer or laptop until the Windows 10 update process has finished.

Whilst the Windows 10 interface is similar to that of Windows 7 and Windows 8, the difference may mean employees will need time to adjust to become as proficient and productive as they were under their previous version of Windows.

The tech-net has been buzzing with talk of driver issues which means that there may be problems with printers and other specialist peripherals.


Let other Users and businesses discover the ‘undocumented features’ of Windows 10 before you take the plunge.

It is better to be on the Leading Edge rather than Bleeding Edge of technology!


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