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Possible Email Issues for Virgin Media and Blue Yonder Customers

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The Problem

Currently, Virgin Media and Blue Yonder use Gmail from Google as the email platform for their customers.

Unfortunately for Virgin Media and their customers, Google have announced that they are terminating this service by the end of September 2015. 

Virgin are in the process of putting their new email platform into place and hope to have all of their customers migrated to the new platform by the end of September 2015.

Not that we are Prophets of Doom, but an IT project of this scale will not be without problems. Just ask BT customers who experienced horrendous email problems when BT tried to migrate from Yahoo mail and it failed in spectacular fashion.

What Can I Do?

So our advice is to consider using an independent email service such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail or, all of which are free and not dependant on your broadband provider.

Create your new email address NOW, then email all of your existing contacts from your current email address advising them on your NEW email address but remember to use the BCC function to respect folk’s privacy if you are sending a bulk generic email.

This way, you can run the two email addresses in parallel, limit your exposure to service problems and take the opportunity to clean out your inbox / contact list of unwanted items.

Can I Get Help?

If you have any questions or would like to book a Tech Tutor session to help you set up your new email address, understand the BCC function of emails etc, then we would  be delighted to help you.

Get in touch today!

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