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Gaming Build - Use Quality Components

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There's a saying "You get what you pay for" which is very true when it comes to the core components for a gaming computer.

Its worth doing your research and paying that little bit more to use components with a good reputation.

When we are commissioned to building a gaming PC, we'll always sit down and discuss what games are going to be played on the finished game rig.

We will then select good quality components that also give good value to ensure that the system can deliver the best quality gaming experience possible for the budget.

Whilst we do our very best to gave the gamer his or her dream gaming PC, we do respect and protect the purse of the budget holder by making sure that they understand what they are buying and how to care for the gaming rig.

In our view, its paying attention to the small details such as cable management that make the difference:

Pay attention to balancing the airflow so that fans are working in harmony, not against each other.

Choosing the right graphics card will always be a tough one so do your research or pop and have a chat about our custom PC building service.

This particular gaming specification is:

CPU - Intel Core i5 4590 Quad Core 3.2Ghz


Graphics Card - Nvidia GTX 960 OC

1TB Hybrid SSHD

Case - Fractal Design Core 2300

Internal DVD±RW Drive

Microsoft Windows 7



Which fits the requirement exactly from both the Gamer and his parents!

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