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Bio Hazard Suit Anyone?

We fix all shapes, sizes and types of computers and laptops in our Perth Computer Repair Workshop.

Some of the computers than come in for repair are so immaculate, that you would be hard pressed to tell that they had even been switched on, never mind used!

Then there are the others:

image of the inside of a contaminated desktop computer

In this particular case, the culprit was nicotine. When a computer is running, the CPU or the brain of the computer is generating heat which must be removed constantly to prevent damage to the computer. As a result the air flow with its associated cargo, is constantly moving through the laptop or desktop and some of the contaminate is left behind.

Over time the contamination builds up and actually blocks the air flow causing the computer to over heat and stop working. In some cases where the heat has built up, the central brain or CPU can actually cook itself resulting in permanent damage.

But this tale has a happy ending!

After much TLC, the computer was cleaned up, it's cooling system full restored to 100% operational efficiency.

As far as we know, its still working away happily :)

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