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Apple Mac Ransomware Is Real

Apple Mac Attack

Apple Mac computers are now on the radar of hackers as last Friday saw the first attack of ransomware specifically targeting Apple Mac computers.

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Mac Specific Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the fastest-growing types of cyber threats which encrypts data on infected machines. The ransomware then typically demands users to pay a ransom in hard-to-trace digital currencies to get an electronic key so they can retrieve their data.

The Mac specific ransomware has been named as “KeRanger” The Mac infection has been spread via a compromised version of Transmission which is a BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing client.

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How to Deal With KeRanger

Apple responded quickly to the news about the ransomware attack on Macs by revoking the digital certificate for the software which prevents it from being able to be installed on Macs.

The Transmission website was quick off the mark to release a new version of Transmission (2.92) which Mac users are urged to install if they think their Mac might be infected.

Pandora's Box

Thanks to the speedy response of both Apple and Transmission, the infection is likely to be contained but it opens a Pandora’s Box for the possibility of other Mac specific virus attacks.

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